Safety Mats

Conos ReflejantesUnderstanding the operation of safety mats is easy: safety mats are a simple normally open switch. When a specified minimum weight is applied to the safety mat the "switch" is closed. This sends a signal to the safety mat controller, which in turn sends a stop signal to the protected machine. Each safety mat presents four wires to the safety mat controller. This provides the redundancy required to monitor the wires for open circuits due to incorrect wiring or physical damage to cables carpets. These devices are used to provide a guard floor area around a machine. Placing a matrix of interconnected mats around the hazard area and any pressure in the mat (in example, the footprint of an operator) will cause that the controller unit power off. The pressure sensitive mats are generally used in an enclosed area containing several machines – cells robotic or flexible manufacturing, for example. When requires access to the cell, they prevent a dangerous movement if the operator leaves the safety area. Safety mats are important part of any industry that requires handle with potential dangerous equipment. Investing in safety mats isn't an option but a real need, in order to protect phisical integrity of your workers. Foto by Unimat Mexico


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