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Portable Mat Wash Rack

Overview Application For those who need keep kitchen clean and dry, this mat is the perfect solution for you. The portable mat ash rack is ideal for the cleaning and drying process of any kind of kitchen, bar and industrial needs. With is alternative you can keep your kitchen safe and clean and make things easier for yourself at the same time. In addition, our prices and solutions are the best of the market as well as accessories you need related to floor mats.
Features and benefits ·Transport your soiled mat with ease ·Capacity of 500 lbs ·5 inches swivel casters ·Capacity of up 10 mats with holes ·Help you to save time ·42”L x 28”W X 40”H ·16 Ga cold rolled  1” tubular steel ·Knock down as well as fully assembled

Large Coir Mats Overview Application When needing add value to your outdoor arrangements as well as keeping different clean and dry, this mat is the perfect option for you. The large coir mat work perfect for patios and residential entrances giving to this home area an impressive look. App…

Printed Mats With Logo

Feature and benefits ·Amazing solution for indoor and outdoor placements ·Very simple to clean with vacuum ·Anti-slip surface ·Long-lasting surface ·Manufactured of rubber
Application As an innovative business solution, our printed mats with logo are the right answer to the needs of several companies which are looking high-quality mats commercially identified. You can get access to a large variety of colors and even instead a logo we can print photography in your mat design. This mat is very practical and all materials are designed with the best quality of the market. The printed mats with logo provide an excellent traction in those rainy days so they are excellent options for outdoor placements.
Placements These mats work pretty fine on any kind of entrances.
Company Logo Entrance Mats Feature and benefits ·For indoor and outdoor uses ·Very easy to clean with vacuum ·Choose a large variety of colors ·Non-skid surface

Floor Mats All Weather

Feature and benefits ·Use it indoor and outdoor ·Very easy to clean with vacuum ·Up to 50 different colors to choose ·Anti-slip ·Long-lasting mat
Application For those who are looking for a long-lasting, resistant and all weather mats for the most affordable price of the market, this is the most exciting solution for you. You can use this mat, clean your shoes and keep the place free from dirt and debris. In addition, with this floor mats you can keep your place safer thanks to its anti-slip surface design specially in those days where your shoes are wet due to rain.  These mats are specially manufactured to retain a higher volume of dirt and damp inside their nubs.
Placements Place these mats on any place at home.
Bar Mats With Logos. Spill And Rail Bar Mats Feature and benefits ·Very easy to clean ·Manufactured of rubber ·Designed for bars ·Customizable mats
Applications If you want to show your company logo in a high-quality mat that also keeps your place clean this is a great solution for you. For…

Outdoor Scrapper Mats Rubber

Feature and benefits ·Perfectly designed to use in internal and external spaces ·Can be easily cleaned ·Choose from myriad of colors ·Long-lasting technology ·Anti-slip surface
Applications Generally, home and offices entrances are more likely to get dirt, dust and particles of debris. For this reason we have manufacture elegant but efficient rubber mats which are capable to keep your floor off dirt. In the case you are looking for resistant and long-lasting rubber mat, this outdoor scrapper mat is an outstanding solution for you.          Placements Give to your entrances a good-looking appearance.

Carpet Mat For Home Feature and benefits ·Filters to absorb dirt instead keeping it on top of the mat ·Innovative static-dissipative with StainStopper™ Technology ·Manufacture 100% nitrile rubber for maximum anti-slip protection ·High traction certified” by the National Floor Safety Institute.
Application If you are looking for a mat which have a dense and plush carpet surface, this is an amazing solution …

La potencia del mazo para la construcción

El mazo es una herramienta de mano, utilizada para golpear o percutir objetos. Se puede decir es el hermano mayor del martillo, porque poseen más peso y más tamaño, en lo cual se diferencian uno del otro.
Además del tamaño, la diferencia principal entre el martillo común (el de orejas) se encuentra en uno de los extremos, mientras el martillo posee dos partes en uno de los extremos: una base plana y ranura, el mazo está conformado por una voluptuosa y pesada herramienta aproximadamente del largo de las partes del martillo.
El mazo es muy común en la industria de la albañilería o en la construcción a pesar de tener muy poca labores, a diferencia del martillo de orejas que es más utilizado en la carpintería aunque existe un mazo de carpintería, hecho totalmente de madera que sirve para acondicionar los robles, entre otras cosas en la elaboración de muebles principalmente. También utilizados en la cocina para aplastar carnes. Los mazos en la construcción también son conocidos como mazos de …